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Loved by Founders & SEO Professionals

Maya Patel
Love it. This makes link building so much easier. Just submit my blog articles to accept links and earn credits. And use that credit that I just earned to build backlinks to my own website. Excellent idea!
Sep 01, 2023
Ethan Thompson
Content Strategist
Building backlinks used to be either very hard or very expensive. But with Linktopia, I can simply register my blog and wait for relevant link opportunities to be delivered to my inbox. All I have to do is either approve or reject. Good Job Linktopia! 👏
Aug 01, 2023
Aria Lopez
Great product and excellent innovation. I love how you guys take all technical SEO metrics such as DR, Traffic, Links… etc and come up with a Link Juice Number that accurately represents the value of each backlink. In fact, multiplying the link juice number by a factor of 2 or even 3 is the dollar amount you typically have to pay with a link building agency.
Aug 01, 2023
Sebastian Hughes
I used to spend hours doing my own blogger outreach in order to build relevant backlinks. Now all I have to do is search the link opportunity database by keywords, find the right article and submit a simple link request.
Aug 01, 2023
Caleb Morgan
Great idea, and excellent execution on the product! Why hasn't anybody thought about this before? Now I will submit as soon as I publish a new article on my blog. This is definitely a must have for founders and solopreneurs building their only business.
Feb 01, 2023
Lily Chen
Just got my first backlink from this platform. I submitted my first link request yesterday and got confirmation immediately. The process is well designed and very smooth. 👍 Thanks and Congrats!!!
Mar 11, 2023

Why is link building

Because having quality backlinks from other websites is the #1 influencing factor for Google rankings. Doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, if nobody is linking to your website, then you’ll have little search traffic.

At Linktopia, you don’t need a big budget to build links. All you have to do is give links to receive links and build real relationships. We make the entire process fun and easy whether you are startup founders or SEO professionals.